Patient Safety: a global health priority

No one should be harmed in healthcare.
And yet...
134 million
adverse events occur each year due to unsafe care in hospitals in low- and middle-income countries, contributing to 2.6 million deaths annually
of hospital expenses can be attributed to treating patient safety failures in OECD countries

4 out of 10
patients are harmed in the primary and ambulatory settings; up to 80% of harm in these settings can be avoided

If you or a loved one are a patient, be actively involved in your own care. Provide accurate information about your medical history and be sure to communicate openly with your health care team. Ask questions to be aware about your health condition and treatment. Speak up for the safety of your care! Speak up for patient safety!

If you are a doctor, nurse, pharmacist or health worker, engage patients as partners in their care. Work with the patient to create an open and transparent patient safety culture. Encourage blame-free reporting and learning from errors. Speak up for patient safety!

If you are a health care leader, policy maker, parliamentarian or politician. Invest in patient safety and make it a national health priority. Make patient safety your priority.

Speak up for patient safety!

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